Model Selection

Technical counseling

PAI Applications Industry offers its clients a great personal and professional involvement to help in the selection of the GIROMATIC® model. It is of great importance to select the model well, taking into account the particularities of each of them and their possibilities.

The GIROMATIC® family offers multiple work configurations and a great number of accessories. Therefore, PAI Applications Industry carries out a technical advice service during the selection, jointly with its clients. Thus, it is often necessary to know their equipment and work operative

Why choose a GIROMATIC®?

  • Flexible. Different mounting possibilities.
  • Safe. Simple and safe work operation.
  • Reliable. More than 40 years of experience, accompanied by the latest technology.
  • Innovative. Patented system. Continually improved.
  • Personal and professional involvement of PAI Applications Industry SL.

Model selection phases

1. Technical counseling

Interchange of information about the client's equipment and about the load to be turned

2. Economic Analysis

The best possible economic proposal is analyzed, specifically centering the study in the detected needs of the first stage

3. Proposal

Presentation of the technical and economic proposal

4. Aftersale

After the delivery of the equipment and of all of the accompanying documentation, PAI Applications Industry puts in service the aftersale phase to solve any question or detected anomaly

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